The Best Of South Park Is Coming To Netflix This Month

Get ready South Park fans because Netflix just announced some huge news that’s bigger than Cartman’s *ss – the NSFW show will be landing on the streaming service VERY soon. Hooray!

Writing on its official social media accounts, Netflix announced: “Oh my god, they [killed Kenny] put South Park on Netflix. Coming to the UK/IE on 27 Sep.”

Credit: Comedy Central

Unfortunately for SP fans, the streaming service isn’t releasing every season of the show. As shown in the tweet above, season one and seasons 18-21 will be available at the end of the month.

However, there’s also going to be a “collection of top episodes,” including fan favourites, creator favourites and some loved by the critics.

Credit: Comedy Central

If I has to guess: expect some Mr. Hankey, some Towelie, some musical numbers, some World of Warcraft and some Guitar Hero. Just no Member Berries please, I hate those things.

As you can imagine, news of the upcoming series being shown on Netflix just made a lot of viewers lose it completely.

Credit: Comedy Central

One fan asked the streaming service why all the episodes wouldn’t be on Netflix, and the team responded “content licensing is a strange and wonderful world.”

It is also noted that majority of the seasons of South Park can already be found on Amazon Prime, and that might be why it isn’t as available to Netflix users as it could be…

Amazon Prime actually used Netflix’s announcement to casually meme on the news, sharing an image comparing the two streaming giants.

Well played, Amazon Prime. Well played. However, don’t let that put a dampener on your spirits, Netflix users!

So add September 27th into your calendars, because you’ll be able to watch one of your favourite shows on Netflix. Not too bad, eh?

[Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central]