The Last Of Us 2 Keeps Getting Reviews ‘From The Future’

Impatient Naughty Dog fans are getting pretty sick of waiting for a release date for The Last Of Us 2. The game has been on the cards for years now, and we’re expecting it to release either this year or next.

Over on Amazon, people “from the future” are already leaving rave reviews for the game, and they’re pretty damn hilarious. You can hear us read some of them out on our podcast, Cherry Picked. Make sure to drop us a review on iTunes whilst you’re at it!

Credit: Naughty Dog

One user, who may or may not be X-Men‘s Professor X, wrote: “The Last of Us Part II is nothing short of a masterpiece. I know this for sure. Don’t let my name fool you, it is actually a cover, as I am Professor X from that school that you may or may not have heard of, and I used my mutant ability to look into the minds of Neil Druckmann and co, and I was not disappointed. You won’t be either!

“As I am not a spoiled [sic] sport, I shall not spoil a thing. All I can say is; this will go down in history as the greatest PS4 title the world has ever known. So great, that it will blow your minds. It blew mine. That is why I’m a bit crazy in Logan, because I saw what was going to be released. It was too brilliant for me to comprehend, and alas Mr Druckmann is my superior and rightfully so.

Credit: Naughty Dog

“If you want to play a game that has beautiful graphics, compelling characters and a fantastic storyline, then look no further.

“I shall retire now and play this game in my mind, and shall worship Neil Druckmann like the god he is All my love, Professor X.”

Professor X isn’t the only one to visit Amazon from the future to leave a five-star review.

“Again, like a previous reviewer I too have played this in the future. Incredible graphics and the story is full of twists,” wrote one Joel and Ellie fan. “However, Sony are getting to big for their boots now by charging nearly £70 for a standard copy of a video game that we’ve been demanding for a very long time. My recommendation is to wait a few months after to release so it saves you money ;)”

Credit: Naughty Dog

One final five-star rating from the future adds: “I love this game. It is one of the best ever made. I played it in the future: 04 04 2019.”

Unfortunately, not all the time-travelling Naughty Dog fans were impressed with the yet-to-be-released game.

An unhappy player said: “Not amazing , I would get state of decay or something else that has Zombies. I found the story similar to the first with little interactivity built within the game foundation.”

Well, now we know.

Credit: Naughty Dog

The Last Of Us Part 2 is yet to get a release date.



Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog.