The Last of Us HBO series trailer teases the horrors that lie ahead

This week, the hotly anticipated first episode of The Last of Us TV series from HBO premiered. Oh, and it was an absolute banger.

The Last of Us TV series shows exactly what can be done when the source material is respected with a live-action adaptation. Already, critics and fans are calling this the best video game adaptation ever! However, it’s important not to get carried away. After all, we still have eight more episodes to go for the first season alone.

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The Last of Us trailer teases what’s coming in the HBO Series

Without giving much away, the first episode perfectly captured the tone of the original game. We saw the horrors of Outbreak Day, how Joel (Pedro Pascal) coped with tragedy and what the world became twenty years later world oppressed by a cruel militia.

Of course, we were also introduced to Ellie (Bella Ramsey). While the series remained faithful, it also deviated in subtle and impactful ways to keep new and returning fans alike on their toes. Now, we’ve just got to wait a gruelling week until episode two arrives.

The trailer in question not only gives us a glimpse of what will likely feature in episode two but also teases what’s in store for the debut season. I won’t give anything else away, just in case you’re not familiar with the series. So if you want to watch the trailer, you can find it below.

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When will episode two of The Last of Us premiere?

Episode two of The Last of Us TV series will premiere in the US on HBO Max on Sunday, January 22nd. It also premieres in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday, January 23rd. 

For you UK early birds, you can even watch the episodes at 2am on Monday morning, at the same time as when it airs in the US.

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