The Last of Us Part 1 gets first-person mod

With The Last of Us Part 1 still experiencing some issues for its PC port, modders are taking the reins. This time with a first-person mod for the game. 

With it being almost a month since the PC port of The Last of Us, quite literally, crash banged onto our screens, it is still having issues. With multiple hotfixes and patches rolling out to sort the issues, fans are finally getting the experience they were promised from day one.

Screenshot showing The Last of Us Part 1 in first-person mode thanks to an upcoming mod
Credit: Voyager’s Revenge

In the meantime, modders have been dusting off their keyboards and getting to work on making mods that both improve the game and change it completely. For Voyager’s Revenge, this means turning the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game from third person to first person.

The Last of Us First Person Mod

In a cinematic trailer posted to their Youtube channel, Voyager shows the work they have been doing on this first-person mod.

YouTube video

“This PC mod is currently a work in progress,” they say. However, for a work in progress, it already looks spectacular. In the ten minute teaser, we can see Joel (well, his hands) as he goes against everyone from mercenaries to the terrifying Infected. We see him take down hordes with explosive arrows, iron bars and a classic pistol.

First person vs third person?

Although the cutscenes haven’t been given the first-person treatment, we can still imagine what that would be like thanks to Ceraphyte over on Twitter.

For Voyager’s first-person mod, certain cutscenes will switch to third-person (such as Joel boosting Ellie up) before switching back to first. Despite this, the transition still looks seamless. 

As mentioned, this mod is still a work in progress for the creator. However, if you wish to stay up to date with it, you can head over to their Patreon.

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