The Last of Us Part 1 PC port will get ‘larger patch’ this week

With the launch of The Last of Us Part 1 for PC being less than smooth sailing, Naughty Dog have announced a large patch coming this week.

In a Twitter thread by the studio posted on April 1, Naughty Dog has confirmed they are working on a hotfix and “larger patch” for the PC port. This comes after acknowledging the game was not the “quality you expected” from them. 

Not the quality fans expected

The thread goes on to discuss an upcoming hotfix coming to The Last of Us Part 1 which will help fix the issue with the jittering camera. Furthermore, they also announce a larger patch will arrive “later in the week.”

“We know some of you have not experienced the Naughty Dog quality you expected,” Naughty Dog said. “Our team is working hard to resolve issues currently preventing some of you from experiencing the game to ensure it reaches the quality level you expect and deserve.”

“A hotfix addressing jittering on mouse-controlled camera movement, some crashes, and more for The Last of Us Part I on PC is slated for Tuesday. A larger patch with additional fixes will be deployed later in the week.

“We also encourage players to ensure you are using the latest Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics drivers,” the statement continues. “Our team, and our dedicated partners at Iron Galaxy will continue to investigate and address known issues to deliver the great The Last of Us Part I experience you expect.”

Patching the Last of us part 1 problems

An image of one of the graphical issues for the PC port of The Last of Us Part 1
Credit: Asmongold

Despite the game being released less than a week ago, it is currently sitting at a ‘mixed’ score on Steam. This is the result of only 44% of positive reviews making up the 13,000+ entries. 

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Players reported issues with constant crashing, frame drop and huge CPU demands. With the addition of poor overall optimisation, fans were not happy. 

However, it seems as though Naughty Dog are on the case. Alongside many apologies, the studio released two patches within two days of launch and continue to do so. 

We will update you on the large patch coming later this week.

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