The Last Of Us Part 2 Will Be ‘Divisive In An Exciting Way’

The Last of Us Part 2 is nearly here, and the game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann is driving the hype in a new video from Sony and Naughty Dog.

In the video (which, like this article, contains no spoilers for TLOU Part 2), Druckmann has said the next part of Ellie and Joel’s story will be “divisive” to fans, but “in a good way.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

“There’s always the fear that when you make something great, and you’re going to go back to it, you’re going to mess it up. You’re going to mess up what made it so special,” said Druckmann [via ComicBook].

“The test for us was can we come up with a story that can, one, stand on its own and be meaningful and have weight.. the same kinda feeling we had when came upon the story for the first one. But also now because it’s Part Two, it has to be additive.”

Credit: Naughty Dog

He went on to add: “I know even within the studio we’ve had a lot of, like, philosophical arguments about some of the events and what happens in the game,

“I’m thinking this one might be more divisive than the first game in a very kind of exciting way that I think it raises those interesting, philosophical questions, and asks the players to interpret some of the material that’s there, and see where they stand on those questions.”

Check out the video below!

YouTube video

After suffering some seriously terrible leaks over the last few weeks, it’s good to hear the team at Naughty Dog is taking it in stride!

After two delays, The Last of Us Part 2 launches exclusively on PlayStation 4, June 19 2020. It’s on schedule to receive no more delays, and officially went gold earlier this month.

Credit: Naughty Dog

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