The Pokemon Company Is Now Doing Official Pikachu Weddings

Japan is the home of the weird, wacky and wonderful, but it’s also the home of Pokemon. Over the years Pokemon has become a mainstay franchise, and just like Hello Kitty, it’s appeared on and in Japanese planes, trains, cafes, restaurants and anything else you can imagine.

Now Japan’s gone one step further by introducing the Pokemon wedding.

Yes, The Pokemon Company is now in the wedding business, offering out fully-themed and fully-licensed Pokemon events to mark the most special day of your lives.

Not only will you get two giant bride and groom Pokemon standing there with you at the top of the aisle…

Credit: The Pokemon Company

…but you’ll also get Pikachu-themed foods, including whatever this is below decorated with the iconic Pikachu tail.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

To top it all off there’s your very own Pokemon wedding cake, featuring Pokeballs and lots of Pikachus.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

And of course, no marriage is legally binding without your marriage certificate, so here’s one courtesy of The Pokemon Company, because even your paperwork needs to be kawaii.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

If you’re hoping to bring a little electricity like this to your wedding day, you might be out of luck, as these official weddings are only running in Japan for now.

Themed weddings: you either love them or hate them, but they do bring a lot of personality and life into what can often be quite a traditional celebration.

For one Indian couple, celebrating their love of video games was as important as celebrating their marriage, which is why they chose to have a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-themed photo shoot in honour of their upcoming wedding.

Credit: Harsh Salvi

As told by LaalPatti, the loved-up couple, Sonali Bomble and Aakash Jain, opted to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with what they called an “adventurous new-era pre-wedding PUBG Saga.”

The photos, taken by photographer Harsh Salvi, are something definitely unique and beautiful.

Credit: Harsh Salvi

Would you have a themed wedding?

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company