Otterly Adorable!

The Real Stars Of Hot Tub Twitch Are Actually Adorable Otters

If you’re a Twitch regular, then you’ll likely already be aware of the streaming platform’s “hot tub meta” controversy. In response to the ongoing feud, Twitch created a new category for the content. However, while you’d probably expect Twitch’s “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” category to feature bathing suits and inflatable toys, it’s also home to a team of adorable otters.

Otters 2
Credit: Twitch/MarineMammalRescue

That’s right, Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has a dedicated Twitch channel. Better still, the stream features three of the centre’s otters living their best life [via PC Gamer]. While the Twitch channel’s “THICCEST FUR #1 Cold Tub” stream is a parody of Twitch’s hot tub scene, it is also a force for good. Here’s some information about the Marine Mammal Centre from the channel’s “about” section:

“The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is an acute care veterinary hospital. We rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured, abandoned and orphaned marine mammals.


Every year, we admit between 150 and 180 marine mammals, most of them harbour seal pups. We have also rescued Steller and California sea lions, Northern fur seals, harbour porpoises ─ and, rarely, cold-stunned sea turtles.”

YouTube video

If you’re into ASMR content, you’ll definitely want to check these water critters out. At the moment, the Marine Mammal Rescue channel is the third most viewed channel in the category. The centre’s Twitch streaming otters also have their own YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts. Therefore, if Twitch isn’t your bag, there are plenty of ways to get in on the aquatic action.

For more information on the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and its inhabitants, head over to the organisation’s official website. You can also join the centre’s Discord for information and updates!


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Featured Image Credit: Twitch/MarineMammalRescue