The Simpsons: Hit & Run Has Been Remastered In Dreams

Media Molecule’s PlayStation 4 hit, Dreams, has already been used to create endless fan-made games, including the likes of P.T but this one might take the cake. A fan of The Simpsons has recreated their own version of the nostalgia-trip classic game, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and it’s absolutely magical.

Credit: Media Molecule

The expertly-crafted Dreams level comes from creator, ReivaJKH, and if you want to play it yourself and already own Dreams, just search the name in the community tab.

The level has since been recorded and posted up on YouTube by OpyGam3r. Check out the level in the video below! [Via VG24/7]

YouTube video

This might be the only time we’ll ever get to see The Simpsons: Hit & Run on a current-gen console, though it’s a title that gamers are still clamouring to see get remade or remastered.

Earlier this year, The Simpsons: Hit & Run’s senior game designer, Joe McGinn, spoke with GAME, where he opened up about the possibility of a return to the title.

Credit: Vivendi Games

He told the publication: “Of course [I’d love a remake/remaster] – I would love to have it myself on my Nintendo Switch! Having said that, the PC version – if you can find it – not only works on modern versions of Windows, it is compatible with some pretty amazing mods.”

He went on to discuss the sorts of changes he would (and wouldn’t) like to see in a new version, saying: “If it’s a remaster, I’m all about the frame-rate [improvement]. Don’t change the art style – it’s pretty authentic to the show – but give me 60 FPS. I think games just look and feel better that way.

Credit: Vivendi Games

“If it’s a remake, that’s a whole other kettle of three-eyed fish. I suppose making a single cohesive, connected environment, that would be a natural these days. But the big focus would be improving the out-of-car gameplay. Hit & Run was our team’s first ‘platformer’ gameplay, so the camera and player mechanics were a bit rough around the edges. I’d love to have another crack at making Mario-level smoothness in the platforming camera and animations so that the running parts felt as good as the driving.”

You can see even more gameplay of the Simpsons Hit & Run Dreams Remaster below

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Games