The Upcoming New Watchmen Series Officially Has A Release Date


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The next big hitter from HBO might actually do a half-decent job at tackling The Watchmen with its new series, and it’s finally gotten a release date.

As we continue to ask “who watches the Watchmen?”, HBO gives fans a release date for its upcoming sequel series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ acclaimed graphic novel. After earning the accolade of being one of the greatest comics of all time, Zack Snyder brought Watchmen to life on the silver screen in 2009.

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Although there’s been plenty of news about a possible reboot/TV adaptation over the years, Watchmen is finding a new lease of life with the upcoming sequel series. Lost‘s Damon Lindelof is behind the expansive endeavor, and now, square-eyed viewers know when they can tune in to see what’s next for vigilante heroes.

According to the official HBO site, Watchmen will premiere on October 20. This means there’s less than three weeks until we get to see what could be one of 2019’s biggest shows.

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The Watchmen site gives a little more insight into what you can expect: “Set in an alternate history where ‘superheroes’ are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name while attempting to break new ground of its own.”


While the graphic novel and Snyder’s movie focussed on the likes of Rorschach, Doctor Manhattan, and the villainous Ozymandius, Lindelof’s world picks up much later in the story with something completely different.

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Miss Congeniality 2‘s Regina King takes the lead in this totally original tale. King plays Detective Angela Abar, aka Sister Night, as she struggles to stay safe in the dangerous world of 2019. Abar tries to protect herself and those around her as a cult of mask-wearing white supremacists known as “The Seventh Cavalry” takes power.

In this reality, Robert Redford (playing himself) is the world’s longest-serving President of the United States and smartphones were never invented. We know fan-favourite characters like Doctor Manhattan, the former Silk Spectre, and Ozymandias will all be part of the ensemble, while new characters include Pirate Jenny, the Red Scare, and Looking Glass.

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Speaking about bringing back the 2009 cast for the show, Lindelof said he’d want to mix things up a bit. He told The Wrap he’d be willing to cast the likes of Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, and Billy Crudup, but it wouldn’t be in their original roles.

“Our Watchmen, with two notable exceptions, is trying to introduce new characters as opposed to dwelling on characters from the classic,” said Lindelof. “But never say never.”

There’s a popular theory that the DCEU’s Jeremy Irons is playing an older Ozymandius, but we’ll have to wait and see whether this is just a clever marketing ploy from the network. Either way, the clock is ticking down to Watchmen‘s arrival.

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