The Witcher Netflix Season Will Feature Eight Episode – Pilot To Air In 2020

The first season of Netflix’s new Witcher series will have eight episodes. It will also be filmed in Eastern Europe. The executive producer (Lauren S. Hissrich) didn’t want to film anywhere else. This will sit beautifully in with the Aesthetics and setting of all of the Witcher games.

Some people have already expressed sadness that it is only going to be 8 episodes long. It is fairly common to have the first season of a show to only have 6-10 episodes to gauge how well the season is received. From what we have seen we think it will be incredibly well received.

The first episode is set to be released in 2020. We are still not sure on what in the Witcher world the series will be set around and whether it will tie in with the hugely popular games.

There is also no news as to who will be in the series, we do know that Mads Mikkelsen has expressed an interest in playing Geralt.

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