There Nearly Was A Subscribe To PewDiePie Commercial During The Super Bowl

After a series of suggestive tweets and a barrage of enthusiasm from fans, people really expected that YouTuber MrBeast was going to fork out the big bucks to get PewDiePie a commercial during last week’s Super Bowl.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

MrBeast had been hinting for a while that he’d be paying for a commercial to air during the event in aid of the PDP Vs. T-Series subs war, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

t’s been suggested that the cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl screen time would set you back almost $6 million, leading people to speculate that the PDP commercial was just too pricey.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

Instead of the advert, MrBeast and co. wore t-shirts to tell the worldwide audience just how to defeat T-Series, making it onto the screen. Several times. Check it out below!

People are pretty impressed that MrBeast managed to sneak PDP into the Super Bowl at all, even if he didn’t get a commercial lined up, but MrBeast explained just what happened in a tweet after the event.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

When asked by a fan what happened to the commercial, he responded: “My plan was to sell sub to pewdiepie shirts and use the money to buy the commercial (like a 10 second one) but once I started setting the plan into motion I learned that the network might deny the ad and I got scared I’d raise lots of money and get stuck with it.”

Oh well, maybe next year the Super Bowl will be more prepared to let him do it?

Featured Image Credit: PewDiePie