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This Guy Got DOOM To Run On A McDonald’s Cash Register


Credit: id Software

1993’s ever-iconic DOOM is often jokingly referred to as the game that’s even playable on a calculator, but could it run on a McDonald’s cash register?

That’s just what 19-year-old Ryan Edgar wanted to find out, and through a series of experiments, the budding tech wizard actually managed to get DOOM running in what he calls a “pretty simple process.”

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Credit: id Software

Speaking exclusively to GameByte, Ryan explains just how the impressive feat was achieved, explaining: “Essentially what I did was download ‘ZDOOM,’ (DOOM version compatible with XP) on my personal computer, moved all of the files to a folder on a flash drive, then plugged it into the cash register and ran it from there.

“It was a pretty simple process, and it runs DOOM perfectly.”

Credit: id Software

It’s some seriously impressive stuff, and it’s definitely one way to make your work shift a little more fun! Check out the success in the images below.


Ryan adds that this isn’t the end of his experiments, saying: “My plans for the future are to become an animation director, a game developer or a computer engineer.

“I’ve had knowledge of each field since I was a child and have always been interested in them as well!”

Credit: id Software

Responding to the images on Twitter, one user upped the stakes with an even tougher challenge, writing: “I want to see if we can get DOOM to run on an old computer from the 40s. That’s right, an entire room sized computer.”

Another joked: “Oh sure ice cream machine broke but you can still run doom back here i see how it is.”

If you’re as impressed as we are with the McDonald’s and DOOM mash-up then make sure to drop Ryan a follow on Twitter!

Featured Image Credit: id Software

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