Lovingly created by a fan, this Pokémon random map generator looks amazing!

This Pokémon Random Map Generator Is Coming Soon

Pokémon fans are known for their devotion to the world of those strange and wonderful pocket monsters, and Reddit user party_in_my_head is no different.

party_in_my_head has found a very cool and exciting new way to breathe a little more life in classic Pokémon titles, Fire Red and Leaf Green, by creating a way to generate random maps in the game [via Dexerto].

Using assets from the GameBoy Advance titles, party_in_my_head‘s ambitious project will see the random generation of homes, trees, Pokecentres and other scenery to create an impressively varied way to play your favourite Pokémon titles.


Check out a screenshot of the work completed so far below!

Credit: party_in_my_head

Over on Reddit, party_in_my_head is remaining pretty quiet on the work.

Commenting on an update post about the project, party_in_my_head writes: “Added shores to my random pokemon map generator…


“For people asking, I will share the source code once the project is done.”

Credit: Nintendo

In terms of when the game might be playable with the random map generator, there’s unfortunately no hint of a timescale for completion.

Responding to a comment, party_in_my_head writes: “Currently I’m a little stuck on a stupid problem, which I have tried to solver for OVER A MONTH AND THE BUGS NEVER STOP. In conclusion I have no idea how long this will take, I’m sorry.”

Credit: party_in_my_head

It seems there’s more than just a few bugs with the project in its current form. On the Reddit post, one user joked: “Shoutout to the guy standing on the tree.”

party_in_my_head responded with: “Tried to fix that bug. I failed appearently…. Thanks for mentioning though.”

Check out the Reddit thread in full right here.

Would you like to play Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green with a random map generator?

Featured Image Credit: Game Freak