Three classic PlayStation games are being upgraded

A PC emulation service led by a community of fans have been working on bringing some retro PlayStation titles to modern day gaming.

Courtesy of Heat on Twitter, games such as Tekken, Bloody Roar and Rival Schools have been updated and can now be played online with friends. This update took 1.5 months and has added a GPPO netcode to these much-loved fighting games. 

As a result, lag has been lowered making it easier to play these classics online. 

Retro PlayStation Games

For those who are unfamiliar with the classic titles, here’s a little reminder.

Although Tekken is still very much alive and kicking (pun intended), its first instalment was released back in 1994. This fighting arcade game has stood the test of time and now has nine additional titles, including eight spin-off games.

Bloody Roar was first released back in 1997 and was unique to its time by featuring an ability to transform into animal hybrids. Unfortunately, the last game in the series was released back in 2004 and no updates have been announced since.

Finally, Rival Schools was also released in 1997. As Capcom’s second original 3D fighting game, it is also set in the same universe as Street Fighter. 

Screenshot of the 1997 classic, Rival Schools
Credit: Fandom

Further announcements

Additionally, Heat went on to say that they are teaming up with other programmers to make PSX emulation available on Fightcade. This is an online service dedicated to playing retro Playstation titles. This would mean these much-loved games will be accessible to newer fans. 

Although there is no confirmed date for this, having access to these classics is sure to get retro fans excited. With titles such as these, it is sad to see them no longer get the attention they deserve. Luckily, for gamers and programmers such as Heat, these games are not disappearing anytime soon. 

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