Tony Hawk Shows Off Insane Pro Skater Lego Set

Lego is basically the best thing ever – after video games, of course – and when you get Lego video games, well, that’s just a great day for everyone.

The only thing better than a Lego video game, is a Lego set inspired by a video game.

Credit: Lego

From Minecraft to Overwatch, there’s been some brilliant video game-inspired sets from the makers of everyone’s favourite coloured bricks. However, it might be time to get excited for something new…

It looks like we might soon be able to get our hands on something the world of Lego has never seen before: a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Lego set.

Over on Instagram, Tony Hawk showed off a fan idea for a Pro Skater brick set and it’s honestly amazing.

Over on the Lego Ideas submissions website, the Pro Skater set (designed by MLeeLunsford) has already amassed over 500 supporters with over a year left to gain votes.

MLeeLunsford‘s description reads: “The very first level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is called the Warehouse. As the name suggests it is a warehouse which has been repurposed as a skatepark, with many easily accessible quarter pipes, rails, ramps, obstacles, and a secret room hanging over a large halfpipe.

Credit: MLeeLunsford/LegoIdeas

“It was the perfect introduction to the game, and is instantly recognizable to anyone who played these games. The Warehouse has even made multiple appearances throughout the series in many forms, including Tony Hawk Underground 2, in which it was doubled in size and used as a training area…

“I wanted to recreate the Warehouse level to celebrate 20 years of this wonderful franchise, which I feel changed my life. It is not a full size playset, but a small display.

Credit: MLeeLunsford/LegoIdeas

“It fits snugly on a 32 x 32 plate and the walls are cut in so you will be able to see everything at once.I think would be a great way to show your love and nostalgia for such a great video game series, and a legendary extreme sports figure.”

Show your support for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Lego set right here!

Featured Image Credit: MLeeLunsford/LegoIdeas