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Twitch Criticised For Featuring Pole Dancing Stream On Front Page

The streaming platform that is Twitch is absolutely no stranger to a bit of controversy and a whole lot of madness.

From gamers who choose to show a little too much skin, to that time a kid slapped his mum’s bum, Twitch is definitely a weird place to be, which means it’s never too far from the headlines.

Credit: Twitch

The streaming giant has come under fire once again, this time for featuring a pole dancing stream on its front page.


The bizarre pole dancing was shown under the site’s ‘Wrestling’ category, for some unknown reason, and was definitely much more focused on the sexual aspect than the fitness one.

The worst part is that Twitch, a company who’s notorious when it comes to punishing those who violate its community guidelines, actually handpicked the content for the main page.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

So what actually happened?


Well, according to Dexerto, a channel by the name of RockyMountainPro was shown on the Twitch homepage on May 11, listed under the wrestling category.

The event the stream was showing was the “Respect Women’s Wrestling” event, which actually is considerably more NSFW than you might have thought.

Credit: Pixabay

Although there was some wrestling shown on the stream, there was also a lot of sexually suggestive content, as well as inappropriate gestures and semi-naked pole dancing.


Unfortunately for the channel, it wasn’t trying to conceal what it was, and it’s Twitch who’s at fault here.

The racy content was very clearly the show’s selling point on social media, which led to people criticising Twitch for not researching its featured channels before deciding to slap them on the front page.

Twitch has yet to respond to the criticism, though it has removed the channel from the front page, which is probably for the best really.


Hopefully no under 18s were watching!

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red