Ubisoft Releases Instructions On How To Cosplay As Far Cry’s Timber The Dog

The upcoming Ubisoft title, Far Cry New Dawn, is just a few weeks from release and to celebrate the occasion Ubisoft wants to see the best FC cosplay you can come up with.

To help you to get the characters just right, the company has released a handy PDF guide to show you every last detail of the game’s character models. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, it gets even better, because if you’re tired of dressing like Joseph Seed or if the Twins just don’t appeal to you, you can actually find a way to cosplay as Timber the dog.

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

But say you’re a dog-cosplay expert already and you want to sink your teeth (or tusks) into something a little more challenging, Ubisoft has got you covered there too with its guide to cosplaying as Horatio the boar.

Image Credit: Ubisoft.

On its site, Ubisoft writes: “Cosplay all of your favorite Far Cry: New Dawn characters with this extensive guide!

“Take a closer look at Hope County’s heroes and villains with over 40 pages of high quality character renders, props, and color schemes. Our guide also includes character details like origin stories to help you play the part! Download it here. (30MB)

“Don’t forget to share your cosplays with #FarCryNewDawn and tag us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.”

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no-one has yet attempted to take on any of Hope County’s four-legged friends. If you want to try it, download the guide right here.

Far Cry New Dawn will release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 15th February, 2019.


Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft