Uncharted 4 Contains Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg We All Missed

It seems that there’s been an Assassin’s Creed Easter egg in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End that many of us may have missed.

Nathan Drake leaping into the air
Credit: Naughty Dog

I’ve played Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End many times, in fact, it’s one of the few games that I have earned the Platinum Trophy for, but I never knew that this Easter egg existed.

The Easter egg in question takes place in “Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight”. A memorable section of this chapter involves Drake climbing up a massive clock tower.

Nathan in uncharted 4
Credit: Naughty Dog

I can remember thinking at the time that this section reminds me of scaling a building in Assassin’s Creed, and it seems that the developers at Naughty Dog thought the same thing.

When you reach the absolute peak of the clock tower you will earn the Bronze Trophy “I Can See My House from Here!” Most people probably know that one.

This was a trophy that I earned, though the reason that I missed the Assassin’s Creed Easter egg was because I needed to not touch the controller for a few seconds.

Credit: Ubisoft

The Assassin’s Creed Easter egg was revealed by animation artist Jonathan Cooper on Twitter, who had worked on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Added Assassin’s Creed synchronizations in both Uncharted games I worked on but hardly anyone found the one in Uncharted 4 because you need to not touch the controller for a few seconds…” revealed Cooper.

Check out the Easter egg in the tweet below!

The other Uncharted game that Cooper had worked on was Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and this too featured a similar Assassin’s Creed Easter egg sneaked in by the developer.  

In fact, Cooper revealed The Lost Legacy Easter egg back in 2019, which by the way also earns you a trophy.

I also knew nothing of this Easter egg in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, so this is a trophy I’ve not yet earned.  

I’ve been looking for an excuse to fire up this game again, so I’ll be doing that sooner rather than later now!

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