We’ll Probably Be Seeing Dead Island 2 At E3 This Year

THQ Nordic has been hard at work on a shocking amount of new games, and although the publisher has kept quiet on most of them, we do know a little about Dead Island 2 and it seems like it’s coming sooner than expected.

It’s been a hot minute since Dead Island 2 was mentioned by the company or any of those supposedly involved in it, but it seems that E3 2019 might be the time for its revival from the dead.

Credit: THQ Nordic

During a recent financial presentation, the company assured its investors that the zombie game is still in development, though THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors didn’t give away anything more than that.

Now it seems ever-more likely to be re-unveiled at E3 because the game has popped up as a preorder on the Microsoft store.

Credit: Microsoft

The listing doesn’t specify when the game will be out, but it’s likely to be not too far down the line if preorders are now officially open. Hooray!

First unveiled by Yager back at E3 2014, news on the game has since been scarce, and with lots of developmental changes happening behind the scenes, Dead Island 2 seemed to be disappearing faster than a decaying corpse in the tropical sun.

Dead Island was originally developed by TechLand, before its many ideas ended up being turned into the Dying Light series.

Credit: Techland

After Dead Island 2 failed to make its planned release of 2015, publisher Deep Silver and developer Yager parted ways. THQ Nordic, Deep Silver’s parent company, then passed the Dead Island torch to Sumo Digital, developer of titles like Little Big Planet 3 and Sonic Racing.Probably two of the least zombie-fuelled games in existence.

Yager went on to file for insolvency over the game being pulled.

Credit: THQ Nordic

It’s good to see that THQ Nordic hasn’t given up on Dead Island 2 seeing the light of day. Hopefully we’ll see more of the project – and how it’s changed since its 2014 reveal – at E3 2019!

Credit: THQ Nordic