Why Is Everyone Playing Titanfall 2 Again?

Titanfall 2 has been around for a while now. Despite being met with praise for its multiplayer and unique campaign, the game underperformed in terms of sales. Now, five years later, the game has experienced a resurgence of sorts, with new players and fans alike picking up the game [via RPS].

Why is everyone playing Titanfall 2 again?

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

If you’re familiar with Respawn Entertainment, you’ll recognise them as the studio behind Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and of course, Titanfall. Unlike the studio’s 2016 shooter, Apex Legends regularly receives new content in the form of seasons. Apex’s latest season 9 update is set to bring a new character to the fold. And she’ll have a few Titanfall-shaped secrets up her sleeve…

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Despite not actually featuring any mechs, Apex Legends’ next character is Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara. She is the daughter of the villainous Titanfall 2 boss, Viper. The new Apex character’s backstory was revealed in a recent YouTube trailer, packed full of Titanfall references. As you’d expect, Valkyrie’s backstory is linked to her father’s demise and a burning desire for vengeance. However, rather than seeking retribution, Valkyrie accepts an invitation to become an Apex Legend.

YouTube video

The resurgence in Titanfall 2 players is almost definitely because of the new Apex Legends character. While the game is 75% off on Steam, previous discounts have failed to yield the level of attention the game is currently experiencing. As Titanfall 2 is also a shooter, it’s easy to see why Apex fans would want to check out the game. 

Dedicated Titanfall 2 players are also benefiting from the game’s renewed popularity. It’s now easier to get into a multiplayer match. Almost 12,000 players are stomping around in Titanfall 2’s mechs at time of writing. The game also has an equally good single-player campaign, which will add some context for Apex fans interested in the lore. 


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Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment