Woman suing Sony hosts an AMA on Reddit, and it backfires

There have been some memorable AMA disasters on Reddit, and now a woman who filed a lawsuit against Sony has hosted another one.

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It’s a common occurence on Reddit, where people can schedule an AMA to interact with people. It’s often done to promote new products, shows, films or music.

However, someone thought it would be a good idea to host an AMA about the lawsuit she filed against Sony. Alex Neill took to Reddit to answer questions about her case. She alleges that Sony abuses its position and unfairly charges its customers.

Neill said “Sony has been charging their customers too much for PlayStation digital games and in-game content and has unfairly made billions of pounds ripping off loyal gamers. By charging a 30% commission on every digital game and in-game purchase, we say PlayStation has breached competition law. This means Sony UK could owe up to £5 billion to 8.9 million people, and anyone from the UK could receive £100’s in compensation.”

Credit: Sony

Ask Me Almost Anything

However, when people started asking her questions in the AMA thread, her answers weren’t exactly great. Many of them didn’t answer anything and were deliberately vague.

When asked what Neill and the firm providing their funding would stand to earn from the lawsuit, they failed to give a solid answer. Estimated damages for anyone else fell between £67 and £562, but the profit for herself is seemingly higher.

One person replied stating “You’re a company that makes money off complaints”, accusing them of simply wanting to set a precedent in order to go after bigger companies like Apple and Google to make even more money.

Unfortunately for Neill, the AMA has exposed their lack of answers. It’s not quite as bad as the James Corden AMA, but it’s up there. We don’t know what will happen with the lawsuit, but a similar case was recently dismissed in the US.

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