Xbox and Bethesda Showcase reporedly takes place this month

The next Xbox and Bethesda Showcase event reportedly takes place this month. That’s at least according to a recent rumour.

The rumours are courtesy of Jez Corden of Windows Central, which can be considered a reliable source of information. That being said, all unconfirmed rumours and speculation should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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What are the rumours claiming?

Corden says that his “tentative, and unverifiable” rumours indicate that the next Xbox and Bethesda Showcase event will take place later this month.

When responding to a fellow Windows Central colleague, Corden said: “You shouldn’t be waiting too long, but maybe showcase is a strong word. Direct maybe? Not sure on the scale yet, but don’t expect like a huge E3 show.

When will the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase take place?

According to Windows Central, the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase will take place on Wednesday, January 25th. It will air at 12pm PT/5pm ET/8pm GMT.

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Credit: Xbox Game Studios

What will be at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase?

Dubbed the “Developer Direct”, the showcase event looks to have some Microsoft big hitters in attendance. The lineup reportedly includes the rebooted Forza Motorsport, as well as Redfall and Minecraft Legends, to name but a few.

As for one of 2023s most anticipated games, Starfield, it’s possible that Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG might be skipping the event. It’s claimed that Starfield will be getting a “bigger marketing beat later on”.

Credit: Bethesda

If those rumours are true and Starfield will be getting its own event at a later date, I wouldn’t be surprised if the RPG is released during the second half of 2023. However, that is a pure guess on my part.

Now that this news is apparently out in the wild, hopefully, Microsoft will officially confirm the event soon. We’ll keep you posted when that happens.

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