Xbox’s Phil Spencer Promises More Single-Player Games Are On The Way

I am okay with this.

Credit: Microsoft

Xbox’s top dog Phil Spencer has promised Microsoft fans that more single-player games will be coming in the future – but is it too little, too late?

Responding to a fan query on Twitter about the lack of Xbox single-player experiences, Spencer said there’s plans in the works, writing: “Yes, I can confirm [more single player games].

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Credit: Microsoft

“With the additions to XGS we have a lot of teams that have built strong SP focused games and we want that to continue.”

PlayStation has absolutely knocked it out of the park with exclusive narrative-driven titles over the past two generations of consoles, with the likes of The Last of Us, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn absolutely obliterating the comparatively-meagre offerings from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

But, in the words of Michael Scott, the turntables might be about to turn, as Microsoft has recently brought some very interesting new hires to it studios.


Credit: Santa Monica Studio

It’s been revealed that the company has just hired a group of designers who previously worked on PlayStation exclusive, God of War.

God of War level designers Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O’Neill and Ray Yeomans are the latest editions to new Xbox studio, The Initiative, which was announced last year.

Although it’s not known what sort of project has brought the team of three on board, we do know a little about The Initiative itself.

PlayStation 5 Exclusives God Of War Movie
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Based in Santa Monica, The Initiative is a first-party Xbox game studio. It was first announced back in June 2018, with the aim of creating “ambitious and innovative game experiences” for Xbox.

The GoW designers aren’t the only new recruits to The Initiative, as former Naughty Dog senior designer Robert Ryan, Tomb Raider series director Daniel Neuburger and God of War‘s senior managing producer, Brian Westergaard are also now employees of the new company.

Credit: Microsoft

From the looks of things, The Initiative is recruiting not only those with a lot of experience in third-person action games, but also those with a lot of experience in narrative-heavy titles…

Could this be for one of the games Phil Spencer referred to on Twitter…?

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