XDefiant Open Beta Release Date – Everything You Need To Know

Ubisoft’s next PvP shooter XDefiant has an open beta period coming up. Let’s take a look at when and where you can access it. 

Ubisoft’s latest competitive shooter is set to go up against the likes of Valorant when it releases in the near future. However, to give players a taste of what they can expect, an open beta is set to open later this month.

The final open beta for XDefiant will be available later this month
Credit: Ubisoft

 XDefiant Open Beta Release Date

XDefiant will go into open beta on Wednesday, June 21 and will run until Friday, June 23. It will be available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC. Unfortunately, it will not be available on last-gen consoles. 

(Although the open beta will not be available on last-gen consoles, the full launch is expected to be.)

This is set to be the final beta until the game releases fully this Summer. 

The news comes courtesy of XDefiant’s presence at the Ubisoft Forward 2023 event. Here we saw a montage of some of the content creators who took part in previous betas. 

YouTube video

As this is an open beta, you do not have to meet any requirements to be able to join. Simply search for XDefiant on your chosen platform and download the open beta.

What will the beta include

The beta will allow you to access some of the game modes that will be available upon launch. Although these are yet to be confirmed, going from previous betas we can expect to see Zone Control, Escort, Domination and Occupy. 

For FPS veterans, these modes are all pretty self explanatory. Zone Control will task you with taking and holding various points whilst Escort will see you travelling and defending a robot. Domination requires you to take three points across the map and finally, Occupy sees both teams fight for control over a single point that changes positions throughout the match.

So that’s everything we know about the upcoming XDefiant open beta. Will you be trying it out before launch?

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