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You Can Now Buy A Life-Size Elder Scrolls Dovahkiin Statue

Perfect for your living room, bedroom or kitchen!

Credit: eBay/stuffgenie

Skyrim fans, gather round, because one of the best pieces of Elder Scrolls history has just popped up on eBay.

A rare ‘life-size’ Dovahkiin statue has appeared on the auction website, and it’s perfect for your living room, bedroom or kitchen (but maybe not your bathroom. Bit creepy).

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Credit: eBay/stuffgenie

eBay seller stuffgenie writes on the item’s page description: “Large Life Size The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Full Size Prop Statue Super Rare.

“He has some battle damage, the sword has been broke by the hand and repaired nicely, by the previous owner. He does display very well. Has wear from being moved around all these years.

Credit: eBay/stuffgenie

“It has been said there were very few of these made, we are not sure!!”


Clearly, this Dovahkiin statue has been loved – why else refer to it as ‘him’?!

From the looks of things, a few of these statues were given away in contests or put up for sale in charity auctions. I looked, but as the seller says, it seems there’s no known number of how many actually exist.

If you feel like this is the ultimate piece of gaming memorabilia that you didn’t know you were missing, you can check out the listing here.

Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, owning a piece of gaming history like this doesn’t come cheap.

Credit: Bethesda

stuffgenie is selling the statue for a Buy It Now price of $2,950.00 USD. And if you’re not in the US you might be out of luck with this one, as it’s collection only. Again, not too surprising because imagine the shipping costs on this guy.

However, placing this in front of your window would definitely be an excellent burglar deterrent…

Anyone got $3000 I could borrow…?




Featured Image Credit: eBay/stuffgenie

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