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You Can Now Buy PS1-Inspired Cases For Your Favourite PS4 Games

If you’re looking to add some more nostalgia to your ever-growing collection of PlayStation 4 games then Etsy has you covered. As spotted by Twinfinite, Redditor and Etsy shop owner, byllogan, is selling PlayStation One-inspired cases for your favourite PS4 games, complete with the thick square case and everything.

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Over on Reddit, the shop owner writes: “I’m forever stuck in 1999, so I’ve been remaking my library into PS1 style cases. How’s God Of War look?”

I’m forever stuck in 1999, so I’ve been remaking my library into PS1 style cases. How’s God Of War look? from r/GodofWar

It’s looking pretty darn cool if you ask me, and it doesn’t end with God of War. A bunch of game cases are up for sale over on byllogan’s Etsy shop, including the likes of Resident Evil 3, The Last of Us and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


There’s over 20 cases which have been created so far, giving you plenty of choice for your nostalgia hits. Check out just a handful below.


The cases will set you back just $20 USD (obviously they don’t come with actual game discs, that would be insane). You can check out the full range on Etsy right here.

In related news, Etsy seller and digital artist MayaraGifts is selling custom Witcher Pet Portraits which replace Geralt of Rivia’s face with your fave four-legged friends, and they’re as hilarious as you’d imagine.


The seller promises a “one of a kind digital portrait via email in High Resolution (JPG and PDF)” delivered to your inbox within 24 hours, and honestly, I’m just sad I didn’t find this before Christmas.

Credit: Etsy/MayaraGifts

Of course once you get your image you can do whatever the heck you like with it, including getting it printed on everything from a canvas to clothing and everything in between.

Check out MayaraGifts on Etsy right here and get yourself or your loved ones one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life, ever.


Featured Image Credit: Reddit/byllogan