YouTube Is ‘Punishing Creators’ By Demonitizing Videos That Have ‘Inappropriate’ Comments


Credit: YouTube

YouTube has come under fire again for demonitizing videos that have “inappropriate” comments from the community posted on them.

The video platform has been accused of “punishing creators” with the move, which could cost YouTubers a serious amount of $$$ if people decide to behave inappropriately in the comments section.

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Credit: YouTube

It’s been pointed out on Twitter that if someone doesn’t like a particular content creator, a bot could be used to spam the channel with comments that could lead to the death of the channel – or even the demonitization of everything on the platform.

The controversial move comes in response to claims that adverts for things like Fortnite were appearing before videos that showed child exploitation networks in the comments.

Credit: YouTube

TheWrap reports that when asked, a YouTube spokesperson told the publication that the “company had deleted hundreds of channels and thousands of comments tied to child exploitation. YouTube also disabled comments on tens of millions of video featuring minors.”


Whether the change stays implemented or not, we’re likely to see a huge shift on the platform yet again.

Credit: YouTube

Was YouTube right to attack the comments sections of its videos, or has it finally gone one step too far…?





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