YouTuber Lists New ‘Last Of Us 2’ Details We All Missed

A recent YouTube video highlighted some tiny details in The Last Of Us Part 2 that you might have missed. 

If there’s one thing that everyone can probably agree on with Naughty Dog, it’s that the studio is very detail oriented. Whether it’s small bits of environmental storytelling, or a hidden Jak and Daxter plush, there is lots to hone in on.

Now, YouTuber Speclizer has put together a video showing off a number of even smaller details in The Last Of Us Part 2 that many probably missed. For example, Ellie actually cleans her gun. When you head to a crafting table, and customise one of your guns, you might notice Ellie cleaning it. But you would probably assume it’s just an animation. However, if you look closely, you can see that it is slightly cleaner than it was before.

YouTube video

One thing you can’t do in The Last Of Us is shoot at friendly NPCs. This is likely just a narrative thing to avoid any problems. But interestingly, you also can’t shoot the PS3 you can find in the game. The PS3 is a good friend, after all!

Another great detail that might be easy to miss is the fact that Alice the dog’s ears flap in the wind when she has her head out the car window. On the slightly more gruesome end of the spectrum, throwing a bottle at enemies faces will result in shards of glass sticking out of them. 

Credit: Naughty Dog/ Speclizer

The video, which you can see above, is well worth a full watch. As there are plenty more details that Speclizer shows off. But if you haven’t played the game, be careful, as there are some end game spoilers in there.


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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog/ Speclizer