Yu-Gi-Oh manga creator Takahashi Kazuki has died aged 60

Fans around the world express sadness as the beloved Yu-Gi-Oh creator, Takahashi Kazuki, passes away at 60 years old.

Announced today by NHK and other news outlets in Japan, Takahashi Kazuki, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, passed away yesterday. He was 60 years old.

Japan Times reports that he was found wearing snorkelling gear, floating in the waters off Nago, Okinawa Prefecture.

Takahashi was noted at travelling alone in Okinawa. The coast guard suspected the body they found was Takahashi’s after a rental car company had been unable to get in contact with the Yu-Gi-Oh creator. The local authorities are still examining the exact details of his death.

If you aren’t familiar with Takahashi’s works, he created the beloved manga series Yu-Gi-Oh which went on to become a cultural phenomenon. Originally serialised in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1996, the beloved manga series has gone on to spawn an anime series, movies, trading game card game, video games and more.

Most notably the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game was hailed by the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling card game in history. Beating that of Pokemon TCG and Magic the Gathering by selling 25.5 billion cards worldwide, as of 2011.


Fans and well-known content creators have expressed their sadness over Takahashi’s passing. He shaped many peoples’ childhoods, including my own, and will be sorely missed by us all.

Although it’s always sad to see your favourite creators pass away. Takahashi’s works will continue to inspire so many people for years to come.

On behalf of GameByte, our thoughts go out to Takahashi Kazuki’s family, friends and fans. If you have a particular memory or association with any of Kazuki’s creations, be sure to share them with us on our social channels.

Featured Image Credit: Konami/San Diego Comic-Con International

Source: NHK