Zelda Ocarina Of Time PC Port Is ‘90% Ready’ For Release

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time fan-made PC port is said to be 90% ready for its upcoming release this April.

This Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time port is different to the project from the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team (ZRET). So, in a nutshell, we’ve got two Ocarina of Time PC ports on the way. Rejoice!

ocarina of time
Credit: Nintendo

The project from Harbour Masters has been about two years in the making. Now it seems to be nearing its completion. As reported by VGC, the modders say the port is 90% complete and is on track to release this April.

I’d give it approximately 90%. We’ve been hoping to be complete by the middle of February and use a month or so until April 1st to refine the game before release,” said a developer working on the project, named Kenix.

The project will be mod-friendly

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Furthermore, the developers of the fan-made Ocarina of Time PC port are already planning ahead to make the project mod-friendly. The same group of developers created a Mario 64 port that supported widescreen and 60FPS, and the same is planned for Ocarina of Time.

For those that are concerned that Nintendo will issue a DMCA takedown, the modders creating this port have covered their backs as much as possible.

To protect themselves against copyrighted material, the modders have not only remade the game with modern coding, but they’ve also remade assets from scratch such as graphics, textures and sound.

ocarina of time
Credit: Nintendo

We packed assets into an external archive,” said Kenix. “No assets are linked into the exe. Our belief is that this will prevent a DMCA takedown from Nintendo as SM64 linked all of the assets into the .exe file.

Hopefully, the Ocarina of Time fan-made PC port won’t be taken down by Nintendo. Will you be playing this port of the Nintendo classic? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo