Zombies Are Apparently Coming To Civilization 6

Apparently, it seems zombies are shuffling their way into Civilization 6 thanks to an upcoming update.

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Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass has offered a lot of additional content to what is already quite a meaty game, though of course, the New Frontier Pass does cost you extra.

The New Frontier Pass offers six additional DLCs: Maya & Gran Columbia Pack, Ethiopia Pack, Byzantium & Gaul Pack, Babylon Pack, and more recently the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, as well as bonus DLC.

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Credit: Aspyr

The final DLC set to release this month is currently unknown.  However, we do know for sure that it will add a new civilization, a new leader, one new game mode, new World Wonders, and a new map.

However, it seems that details for the final expansion have leaked courtesy of the recent Steam Achievements update [via The Gamer].

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Credit: Aspyr

According to the leak, the final DLC for Civilization 6 takes us to sunny Portugal. With the DLC scheduled to release this month, an official announcement from developer Firaxis is surely only days away.

Details of the new achievements for Civilization 6 were spotted on Twitter by Chris Davenport via SteamDB, with the user noting the content will involve zombies.

Civ 6 is getting zombies and Portugal in the upcoming final pack for Frontier Pass, due out this month,” said Davenport in a tweet.

According to the SteamDB, the Portugal content will bring some new achievements such as; “The Spice Must Flow – Win a regular game as João III,” and “Ultramar Português – Às Portugal, have a Trading Post in cities belonging to Brazil, India, and Japan.

Other achievements include the “Re-Animator” which is said to be earned when the player controls 20 zombies and “Well Hello Mr. Fancypants” which is earned when the player destroys a zombie unit with +50 or more Mutation Strength.

However, as legit as this leaked information appears to be, until Firaxis confirms the content officially, we can’t be 100% sure (though 99.9% is acceptable).

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