10 Hardest To Collect Achievements In Gaming

Achievements are supposed to be challenging, we get that, but sometimes they’re a little over the top.

In this post, we take a look at the 10 hardest achievements to unlock in video games. Getting these things both require a lot of patience, skill, and dedication.

“Hard To The Core” – Dead Space 2

This achievement really is as hard to the core as the name suggests. To get this achievement, you need to complete the entirety of Dead Space 2 on Hard Core mode.

Hard Core mode is ridiculous in Dead Space 2. You are only allowed three save points throughout the entire game. Once they’re used up, that’s it. Items, better armor, and ammo is also far harder to come across, and the enemies are very tough.

Hard To The Core is one of the most frustrating achievements of this type, mainly because the limited save points mean you’ll often have to replay massive portions of the game over and over.

The Floor Is Lava – Overwatch

The Floor Is Lava achievement isn’t going to take hours and hours of super careful play to get, but it’s hard because the chance of it happening are so slim. There are far too many variables that make this achievement very difficult.

To get The Floor Is Lava in Overwatch, you must take down three enemies whilst wall riding with Lucio in a single life. If you die, you must attempt the achievement from the beginning.

Many players have found the best way to get this achievement is to play on a map where it’s possible to use Lucio’s soundwave to knock players to their death. Even then, it’s going to take a long time before fate lines up and you manage to get the required kills in one life.

7 Day Survivor – Dead Rising

7 Day Survivor is more about endurance than anything else. You must survive 7 in-game days without dying and without quitting the game. This means it needs to be done in one sitting.

What makes this challenge so difficult is that it takes 14 hours of real time. You can’t just sit there AFK either. Your character will die pretty quickly if you don’t keep him well-fed. This means you regularly have to go around looking for items to stay alive.

Many players have found camping spots that make this achievement easier, but you’ll still need to keep an eye on it for 14 hours before the achievement is yours.

Seriously 4.0 – Gears Of War 4

Ever since the first Gears Of War game, Epic Games (now The Coalition) have put in a ridiculous achievement in their game called Seriously. Now that we’re on Gears Of War 4, the latest nightmarish achievement is Seriously 4.0.

The thing that makes Seriously 4.0 so hard, along with its brothers from other games, is the fact that you have to make your way through a huge list of ridiculous tasks.

To begin with, you must complete Gears Of War 4 on Insane difficulty. After that, you must earn all 141 of the unique ribbons in-game. You’ll then need to get a rank for each and every multiplayer game mode.

Things then start to get really challenging. The next Seriously 4.0 task will require you to complete 50 waves of Horde mode on every map. (That’s a total of 10 maps!) You must then get all five horde mode classes to level 10 and any 5 horde skills to level 5.

The final task is to get Re-Up 10 – this essentially means getting to level 100, prestiging, and then getting to level 100 nine more times. Sigh.

LASO Master – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Okay, the next achievement is somewhat more achievable in terms of time spent, but it’s still a challenge only accomplished by the absolute best FPS players.
To get the LASO Master achievement, you must complete LASO mode on every single Halo game in the Master Chief Collection. (Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4.)

For those unfamiliar with LASO, it stands for Legendary with all skulls on. This means you’ll have reduced UI, reduced ammo and enemies dozens of times harder than they are on the base Legendary mode.

Mile High Club – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

The last two achievements are incredibly time consuming, so for our next choice, why don’t we choose something that’ll be quicker? Like, a lot quicker.

To get Mile High Club in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, you must complete the Mile High Club mission on veteran difficulty. Sound easy? Well, it’s not.

The only way to complete this mission is to get through masses of enemies in just 1 minute. You then have to end the mission by headshotting the final enemy. If you mess up your headshot or don’t make the 1 minute mark, you’ll need to start from the beginning.

Messiah – Outlast 2

This achievement is just pure cruelty. To unlock his achievement, you must complete Outlast 2 on Insane difficulty without pressing Y to reload your camera batteries.

There are two major problems with this achievement. Firstly, Outlast 2 revolves around you using your camera to see clearly – without being able to reload your camera batteries, you’re essentially blind for the entire game.

Secondly, Insane mode is very challenging. It’s the hardest mode in the game with a couple added tweaks: there are no checkpoints and there’s no option for you to save your progress.

Better Than The Best – Sniper Elite 4

To unlock the Better Than The Best achievement in Sniper Elite 4, you must complete the game on Authentic Plus difficulty.

Let me explain why doing this in Sniper Elite 4 is so difficult.

  • You get no HUD
  • If you reload your weapon, all ammo from the previous mag is lost
  • Enemies won’t leave you alone if you’re spotted
  • Enemies will get backup if they can’t deal with you on their own
  • There are no checkpoints or manual saves but you can complete the game level-by-level

Turophile – I Am Bread

This achievement is an odd pick for this list, but you wouldn’t understand until you’ve tried it yourself.

To get the Turophile achievement, you must get an A++ on all Cheese Hunt levels. This means getting a near perfect score in as little time as possible. Out of all of the people that own the game on Steam, only 0.7% of people have the achievement.

asterminds – Grand Theft Auto V

Whilst this last achievement is difficult, it’s actually achievable if you have a team of players you can communicate with effectively. It requires you to complete all three Mastermind Challenges in GTA Online.

Here’s an overview of the three challenges:

Criminal Mastermind II: Complete The Doomsday Heist in order, with the same team of 2 players, on hard difficulty, without losing any lives on Setups and Finales.

Criminal Mastermind III: Complete The Doomsday Heist in order, with the same team of 3 players, on hard difficulty without losing any lives on Setups and Finales.

Criminal Mastermind IV: Complete The Doomsday Heist in order, with the same team of 4 players, on hard difficulty without losing any lives on Setups and Finales.

Sound easy? Right now, only 0.1% of people have unlocked it on Steam. It’s likely this number will shoot up once a better strategy has been perfected and shared online.


Have you unlocked any of these achievements? If you haven’t, which of these achievements do you feel like you’d have the chance to unlock?