12 Minutes Coming To PlayStation And Nintendo Switch Next Month

Annapurna Interactive is bringing 12 Minutes to PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch next month. Happy early Groundhog Day!

12 Minutes is a time loop game that launched earlier this year. You’re trapped in a small apartment with your wife. You seem like a happy couple, about to settle down for the evening, have something to eat and chill on the sofa.

However, you hear a knock at your door. It’s a police detective and he wants you to let him into your apartment immediately! Growing concerned that a detective is at your door, you answer his request. It is here that the detective accuses your beloved wife of murder and beats you to death!

Unfortunately, that is not the end of your torment. Upon being killed by the detective your day has restarted at the same exact moments that kicked off your lovely evening. You and your wife are trapped in an ongoing 12 minute time loop. To make matters worse, only you are aware of this situation.

12 minutes
Credit: Luis Antonio/Annapurna Interactive

Why is this happening? Why is this detective at your door accusing your wife of murder and why has he killed you? The answers to those questions are for you to find out and you’ve got 12 minutes to uncover the truth before your endless looping nightmare starts all over again.

Developed by Luis Antonio, 12 Minutes borrows the voice talents of Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man, Platoon), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars, Peter Rabbit), and James McAvoy (X-Men, Split).

YouTube video

12 Minutes will release for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on December 7th. It is also available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass.

Have you played 12 Minutes already? If so, let us know your (spoiler-free) thoughts across our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Luis Antonio/Annapurna Interactive