He's not cheap...!

14ft David Hasselhoff From SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Is Up For Sale

If you ever wanted to own the giant 14ft David Hasselhoff model used in the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (and made from your worst nightmares), now is your chance!

In case you weren’t aware, beloved Hollywood star David Hasselhoff played a role in the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie back in 2004. In his epic scene, both SpongeBob and Patrick were stranded on land with no way of being able to return home.

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That was until Mr Hasselhoff appeared fully kitted-out in his iconic Baywatch gear to save the day, helping SpongeBob and Patrick return to their home of Bikini Bottom.


SpongeBob and Patrick jumped on the back of Hasselhoff as he sped through the ocean taking the duo to safety, after all, what kind of Life Guard would Hasselhoff be if he couldn’t save the day?

hasselhoff in spongebob movie
Credit: Nickelodeon

While Hasselhoff no doubt has heroic supernatural abilities in real life (maybe), even the most triumphant of heroes will need a stunt double from time-to-time and this is where the 14ft replica model played its role in the 2004 movie.

The 14ft replica model is now being sold via Live Auctioneers [via Fandom] with a starting bid of $100,00 but it’s estimated to reach up to $1.5 million (approx £1.35 million in the UK). A portion of the proceeds are said to be going to charity.


Photos of “Big Dave” can be found on the auction listing but to give you a better indication of how big this thing is, check out the Instagram post from David Hasselhoff below!

If you’ve got serious amounts of money to burn and if you’re a mega fan of David Hasselhoff then you might want to invest. But seriously, where on earth would you put this nightmarish thing?

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Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon/Instagram:DavidHasselhoff