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5 Completely Free Games You Need To Play Right Now

We all know gaming is an expensive hobby to keep. From your set-up to your peripherals to the games themselves, it’s definitely not cheap to keep yourself entertainment with video games. Thankfully, not every title out there is going to cost you a pretty penny – in fact, there’s actually a lot of games you can download (and keep!) without spending a cent. If you’re in need of a new title to get stuck into, here are five completely free games you need to play right now!

1. MannaRites (STEAM)

MannaRite game image
Credit: DamonWall

MannaRites describes itself as a “Retro-style fantasy beat’em’up with a bit of RPG flavor,” which should already have you sold straight off the bat in my opinion. This free indie release from DamonWall can be played solo or as a couch co-op adventure, and with its old-school graphics and engaging gameplay, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a free game as engrossing as this.

A title “encrusted with some modern mechanics, including RPG elements and items system, allowing to customize you character for your play-style,” it’s easy to see why MannaRites currently has a Steam rating of “Very Positive.” Download it for free here.


2. Aimi (STEAM)

Image from Aimi
Credit: Toasty

If you’re a fan of RPGMaker horror classics like The Witch’s House, Mad Father and Ib, then brand-new release Aimi will be right up your alley. This spooky tale is narrative-focused, though the developer does tease some jumpscares, blood and gore.

The game’s creator, Toasty, explains: “This game is heavily story-driven, with horror taking a backseat to a more in touch and emotional story and with gameplay being made up of puzzles in between longer cutscenes. An initial playthrough of Aimi could be completed in about one hour. However, there are multiple different endings that can extend gameplay!”

One for people who loved the classic RPGMaker games, you can download and play Aimi for free here.


3. Shotgun Witch (STEAM)

Image from Shotgun Witch
Credit: Asephy

A bullet hell arena shooter, Shotgun Witch has already made waves on Steam thanks to its wonderful gameplay. Though it looks pretty simple in style, Shotgun Witch definitely delivers when it comes to fast-paced action (and it happens to look pretty cute, too!)

“Run, dash, and shoot your way in this hard as hell arena bullet hell shooter!” says the game description. “Complete the STORY mode to get your book back or do so in INFINITE mode in record time for bragging rights!”

Again with “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, definitely add Shotgun Witch to your library!


4. Aim Lab (STEAM)

Image from Aim Lab
Credit: Statespace

More of a learning tool than a game, Aim Lab will help you up your game in your favourite FPS shooters.

Aim Lab is still in its Early Access phase, but it’s already looking to be a secret Steam hit. At the time of writing, this “ultimate FPS/TPS training solution” has Recent Reviews of “Overwhelmingly Positive,” with an overall score of “Very Positive.”

“Identify your weaknesses and eliminate them,” says the Steam page. “Aim Lab tasks measure your performance by skill and provide detailed analytics and insights on how to improve. Your Aim lab data profile shows your performance across tasks and skills to help you measure your progress over time.”


Get good at shooters with Aim Lab – for free – right here!

5. Vecter (STEAM)

Image from Vecter game
Credit: Taranasus

Vecter is described as “a fast-paced runner and shooter game where your goal is to survive by the skin of your teeth and raise hell in your path,” and really, what more do you need to know?

With gorgeous neon-like graphics, fast-paced and unforgiving action, and the ability to compete with friends, what more do you need from a free game?


Developer Taranasus says: “Get in your ship, you push the throttle on max and then try to survive for as long as possible by annihilating anything that gets in your way.

“There are obstacles, there are enemies, there are power-ups and there will be plenty more to come! I hope you’re good at staring contests because you will not have the luxury of blinking!

“Compete with your friends and with strangers for the top spot of the daily leaderboard. If you’re top dog for that day, you remain top dog for that day on that track forever! It’s all you, you did it!”


Another game with “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews, get it for free on Steam here.

So there you have it! Five completely free games that you can dive into right now! Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know with the react emojis below!

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Featured Image Credit: Asephy/Statespace/Toasty/Taranasus