5 Mistakes Every PUBG Player Makes

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YouTube video
YouTube video

Unnecessary Looting

As a new player you can be very tempted to loot anytime and everywhere, the hidden treasures that may be found inside your dead enemy’s backpack being so tempting that you tend to forget about the possibility of being killed in the process of hoarding. Unnecessary looting is one of the most popular mistakes new player make when playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, most of the time people arrogating killed because they looted the wrong house or they forgot to take cover when they were searching the corpse of a fallen player in an open field.

Not Watching your Back

PUBG is the kind of game that requires you to be engaged in the gameplay with all of your senses, so always watching your back should become a second nature if you want to avoid being surprised by an enemy in the deadliest of ways. Having a larger view of the map and learning to determine your whereabouts are some of the key ingredients that will get you closer to the ͞chicken dinner͟ goal of the game, so every time you get into a new match try and make sure that your flank is being guarded well and no one will catch you by surprise at a wrong moment.

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