5 Reasons COD Haters Should Give Black Ops 4 A Chance

Look, I get it. Call of Duty gets released every year. It’s the same concept every single time, and the developers do very little to change things up.

But when was the last time you actually played a Call of Duty game? How many times in the past year have you actually sat down and experienced what a new Call of Duty game has to offer?

If you’re as much of a COD hater as a lot of you make out to be, you may have missed out on some of the biggest changes since Call of Duty’s ‘glory days’ back during MW2 and the original Black Ops releases.

On top of this, Black Ops 4 takes things to a new level once again. For once, in a very long time, I’m actually recommending everybody that disliked the series in the past to go and at least give it a try. Who knows, you might even like it.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should give Black Ops 4 a chance if you haven’t liked COD games in the past.

Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale Mode Might Actually Be Good

It humors me how often people get upset that more games are adding battle royale modes.

This is how the video game industry works. Somebody drops a game concept that becomes popular, then everybody rushes in to copy it. It happened with old FPS titles, it happened with Minecraft. After that it happened with survival games. Now the big thing is battle royale.

Yeah, it’s probably a cash grab, but every time a new battle royale game mode is released, it iterates on the original formula. Eventually, somebody is going to release a battle royale game that completely blows everything else out of the water.

Nobody will be playing Fortnite anymore, it’ll be the next big thing because every time Fortnite or PUBG gets ‘copied’ new innovations slowly trickle in.

I’m not saying Black Ops 4 will be the next best battle royale game, but it’ll bring new experiences. How about a meaningful progression system that gives you things to work towards? We know the Call of Duty franchise mastered that back in Modern Warfare.

Think of all the incredible gadgets that have been added to Call of Duty in the past few years and how they could really mix up gameplay in a battle royale setting.

And it looks like we’re finally getting vehicles in COD – that’s a big innovation for COD in general, and I think that other battle royale games have yet to deliver good vehicle based combat.

Zombies Is Better Than You Think and Back Bigger Than Ever

Out of all of the AAA games that launch each year, I’m always impressed the most with Call of Duty when it comes to the amount of content it offers. I see why it sells so well because for casual gamers or those playing games for the first time, COD is an easy first choice.

Not only do you get a core multiplayer experience, but you also get a seperate Zombies campaign. In recent years, Zombies in Call of Duty has evolved past just being a simple wave based mini game.

It’s far more complex – each campaign has stories, characters, and real challenges to come up across. Black Ops 4 has a Zombies mode that’s once again been fleshed out into its own standalone experience.

Treyarch Are Serious About Competitive Multiplayer

Treyarch has introduced many new mechanics to multiplayer to offer a more competitive environment. They are also taking steps to be as active as possible during Black Ops 4’s launch to ensure the multiplayer experience is balanced and healthy.

I don’t think Call of Duty could ever rival the competitive experience offered by other top tier esports titles, but they’re refining their platform so that it’s easier to compete and so that competition actually involves real strategy, skill, and team cohesion.

We’ll obviously have to wait until after launch to see how the competitive scene develops, but I see good things ahead for the Black Ops 4 esports scene.

If You’re a PC Player, You’ve Finally Got Hope

This brings me to my next point. Call of Duty PC players are finally getting the love they deserve. The PC has been plagued with bad Call of Duty ports for years now, so it’s great that Blizzard has jumped on board to hire an entire division responsible for the PC version of the game.

This means that simple things like decent frame rate, further graphics options, and better raw mouse input will be available by default.

As I’m primarily a PC player, I’ve always been turned away from Call of Duty titles. The last two COD games I tried to play were Ghosts and Advanced Warfare.

The former was in such an unplayable mess that I could barely even finish a single multiplayer match. Advanced Warfare was better, but it still had some frustrating issues that made it an inconvenience to play.

With Black Ops 4, this will finally be a problem of the past.

There’s So Much More On Offer From a Casual Perspective

Look, if you play every single Call of Duty game and sink hundreds of hours into it each year, I can understand why you’re a little sick of the franchise.

Black Ops 4 is still, in most areas, an iterative improvement over the past Black Ops game. However, if you don’t pick up Call of Duty games as often, you’ll be able to appreciate what’s on offer here.

Every piece of Black Ops 4 is filled with elements that keep the game fun from a casual player’s perspective. An in-depth class system, achievements, medals, cosmetic unlocks, plenty of game modes.

There’s a lot on offer in Black Ops 4. I feel like you could easily get a couple dozen hours out of multiplayer, another couple dozen from Blackout, and then another couple dozen from Zombies.

At the very least, Black Ops 4 has enough content to make up for the price tag.


That wraps up my thoughts on Black Ops 4. Are you a COD hater? What are your thoughts in response to my opinions?