89-Year-Old Gamer Wants Dedicated Servers For Older Players

I hope I’m still playing at her age!

Credit: Gamer Grandma

Most of us have grown up with gaming, but for 89-year-old Hamako Mori, it’s a passion that didn’t begin until her 40s.

Grandma Mori, who jumped straight from the Cassette Vision to the Famicon, has recently spoken out about her love for gaming, claiming it’s the reason behind her “sharp mind,” but also explained that she wants dedicated servers for older players of multiplayer games.

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“The graphics for the recent games are truly amazing,” Mori told GameSpark [via Kotaku]. “I think it’s truly wonderful to have lived this long.

“As you get older, I recommend single-player games over multiplayer,” she said. “Inevitably, if you’re on the battlefield with younger players, you’ll slow them down… But, I think as the number of elderly players increases, there will be dedicated servers where that won’t be a concern.”

It’s definitely a wholesome idea!


Mori joins the ever-growing list of older gamers who have won over the hearts of players across the globe, and she’s one of many who believe in the benefits of video games.

“If you play video games, you don’t get dementia,” she told GameSpark.

“If you are into fashion or playing sports, there comes a time when you cannot continue those hobbies.

Credit: Gamer Grandma

“Even as you get older, it’s wonderful to keep gaming.” 

83-year-old Shirley Curry, known for her Skyrim streams and videos, is an another gamer who doesn’t let age define her. Curry is an avid Bethesda fan and has amassed a huge following on her social media channels.

It’s a similar story for the grandma of Redditor millerischris, who went viral earlier this year thanks to the 755 hours she’d spent completing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The 755 hours she’s poured into the Nintendo title equates to approximately 31.45 solid days of gameplay – meaning she’s spent more than one solid month of her life solely devoted to Link and Midna’s adventures through the dark and twisted world of Hyrule.

Credit: Reddit/u/millerischris

From mobile gaming to virtual reality, the world of video games has never been more accessible for players of any age.

It’s good to know that the benefits of video games are being enjoyed by all generations!

Featured Image Credit: Gamer Grandma

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