A 2019 Launch For The Last of Us 2 Is Looking Even More Unlikely

The Last of Us Part 2 has been the only game on my wishlist since its reveal back in 2016.

Naughty Dog’s sequel to the rip-roaring success that was The Last of Us has been teased with gameplay, trailers and cryptic messages on Twitter for years now, but when is it coming?

Credit: Naughty Dog

Well, rumour suggested The Last of Us 2 was going to be a cross-gen game that’d bridge the gap between the end of the PlayStation 4 and the introduction of the PlayStation 5.

Since the PS5 is expected to launch in 2020, it means we can expect TLOU2 in the coming months, with lots of people speculating (and expecting) a late 2019 release.

However, Naughty Dog may have killed our hopes and dreams with a series of recent job listings, which have been confirmed to be for the upcoming title.

Last Of Us 2 Details
Credit: Naughty Dog

Co-director of TLOU2, Anthony Newman, took to Twitter to share the news of the new available jobs, writing: “Lot of awesome positions open to help us close out this game… I especially want to highlight the Melee Animator position, I guarantee you will be working on some *dope* animations.”

Although Newman directly says the extra hands will be used to “close out” the game, that’s a lot of extra hands they’re hiring…Is it really realistic to expect the title to launch before the end of 2019?

Another concern about a potential 2019 release is simply – when would Sony announce it?!

In ducking out of E3 2019, Sony has forgone its usual big reveals in favour of dedicated broadcasts called State of Play.

Image: Sony/Jim Ryan

Similar to Nintendo Directs, State of Plays will keep us all in the know about Sony’s upcoming plans and future games, but is it really the best way to announce the release of the behemoth that is The Last of Us Part 2?

Of course, it’s all speculation for now. Maybe Naughty Dog is hiring to reduce the grind for its staff, or maybe this “close out” will be a matter of weeks rather than months…Here’s hoping.

It’s been years, Naughty Dog. Please. Just tell us when the game is coming out!!

Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog