A Detective Pikachu Sequel Is Apparently Still In Development

According to a recruitment listing, the long-awaited Detective Pikachu sequel game is still in development.

A listing on Creature Inc.’s recruitment website (with translations from VGC) mentions the Detective Pikachu sequel is still being worked on. The page discusses a programmer referred to as ‘KT’.

In it, it mentions that he is “working on the sequel to Detective Pikachu, programming the drawing area, while also creating a system in the Environment Development Office that will serve as the foundation for future game production in general.” This is the first mention of the game since it was announced.

YouTube video

The sequel to Detective Pikachu was announced in 2019, a few weeks after the film adaptation was released in cinemas. No details were revealed in the announcement other than the fact it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Since then, we’ve heard nothing. The pandemic has likely been the major factor in not showing off the game in any definitive capacity. So hearing that it’s at least still in development is good news.

The first Detective Pikachu game was a bit of a surprise. It was released in Japan in 2016, then later worldwide in 2018. You play as Tim Goodman, working alongside a talking Pikachu who is supposedly a great detective. It marked a big departure for the Pokémon series, with more of an adventure game style to it. The sequel will likely do something similar, but there’s no way to know until we see more of it.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company