A John Wick Game Is Coming Your Way Very Soon

The John Wick movie trilogy might be coming to its end (sob!) but the kick-ass fun isn’t going to end there.

A John Wick official video game has been announced, and it looks a lot less similar to Hitman than you might have first thought.

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Announcing the news on Twitter, game director and write Mike Bithell confirmed: “So, erm, I’m kinda writing and directing the #JohnWick video game? #JohnWickHex A year in, and yes, I’m still pretty weirded out by that myself. Here’s a trailer…”

Check out the trailer in question below!

YouTube video

Boasting a very unique art style and a very interesting way to play, John Wick Hex looks like it’s going to be the perfect thing to drown your sorrows after seeing the third movie.

It’s not yet known whether or not there’s dogs in the game.

Credit: Lionsgate Games

Despite an overwhelmingly positive response from fans of the franchise, Bithell did confirm some somewhat controversial news about the release.

He followed up his announcement tweet with: “(because folks ask, and that’s fair enough, platforms are not all being announced today. We’re starting on PC/Mac with the Epic Store and going from there. Got questions/suggestions for platforms you’d like it on? Send them over to our publisher, the excellent Good Shepherd.”


Looks like Epic Games has bagged itself another exciting exclusive, and people aren’t pleased.

“I saw game based on #JohnWick and I got excited, but immediately was disappointed that it’s a strategy game on the Epic Games Store…” tweeted one user.

Another added: “John Wick? Oh awesome. … Epic games Store *Forgets the game exists*”

Credit: Lionsgate Games

Bithell’s past experience with games includes work on Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular. No matter where John Wick Hex might be launching, it’s still a game to keep an eye on!

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate Games