Call Of Duty With Goats Is Now A Game And It Looks Insane

If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to first person shooters then you might want to think again, because here comes Goat of Duty.

Goat of Duty is exactly what it sounds like – it’s Call of Duty, but with goats.

Credit: 34BigThings

The game, which is showing a release date of “Goating Soon” on Steam, is described as follows: “Goat of Duty is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where goats armed to the horns bleat face to face in a relentless deathmatch. Ram and troll your friends, don the craziest goatstumes, and put your skills to the test in the quirkiest FPS ever. Are you ready to become the GOAT of goats?”

Although it looks absolutely insane, it also looks like it might really be a fun FPS. (Unless you’re vegetarian, vegan or a member of PETA, although no IRL goats were harmed in the making of this game, I assume.)

Credit: 34BigThings

Just like goats in the real world, the upcoming title will see you armed with a huge amount of weaponry, including riles, rocket launchers and machine guns, suggesting there’s a lot of destructive and maniacal fun to be had here.

Have a look at the trailer below!

YouTube video

Developer 34BigThings writes: “Goat of Duty is the quirkiest in multiplayer arena shooters, based on three well established fun factors: GOATS, GORE and (S)KILLS!

“Take control of a genetically perfected killing machine, looking hella cute but sneakily capable of: Jumping improbable heights, fighting upon steep terrains and tiny ledges in carefully handcrafted battle arenas; Operating deadly weapons such as the Piercer, the Impaler, Rocket and Grenade launchers, Saw Blade launchers, and the most powerful of them all, furious headbutting; Crossdressing: assume the identity of Lara Goat, Lucha Goat, Goat of War, RoboGoat, Goatzilla, and many many others to unlock! Running without a head, ragdolling, exploding in implausible splashes of gore.

“Take the goat by the horns and jump into the fray, for a fur-raising battle to the last bullet. Pecking order makes no sense: just go out there and make it GOATLIKE!”

Although there’s no release date in place as of yet, there’s a playable beta that you can take part in.

Credit: 34BigThings

When it comes to indie games, the weirder the better, and Goat of Duty looks like it’s set to be a banger.

Developer 34BigThings is definitely no stranger to the indie market. The Italy-based game development studio was originally founded in 2013.

The company’s previous titles include Redout and HyperdriveMassacre.

Will you be playing Goat of Duty?

Featured Image Credit: 34BigThings