A New Evil Dead Game Has Been Confirmed By Bruce Campbell

The Evil Dead series is one of the best franchises of all time, and though the weird, wacky and gory adventures of Ash Williams and his crew have been immortalised in the world of gaming before, they’ve never really quite made the splash they deserve.

That might all be about to change though, as veteran Evil Dead actor, Bruce Campbell has gone ahead and confirmed that a brand-new Evil Dead game is in the works – and it’s going to be for console and PC.


Credit: New Line Cinema

Even more exciting is the confirmation that it’s not a VR title, which has got horror fans the world over breathing a sigh of relief. (I have nothing against VR, it’s just that far fewer people have the hardware and so VR games tend to reach a much smaller audience.)

Credit: New Line Cinema

Sharing the news on Twitter, Campbell wrote: “Hey, groovy gamers, this is a swell time to clarify some incorrect info that might be out there (including from me!): the upcoming Evil Dead video game is being developed for consoles and PC, not VR. Sorry for any confusion. Game on! #MyBoomstickIsTooBigForVR#EvilDeadTheGame

Unfortunately, we don’t know when, where or how the new Evil Dead game will be making its way to our consoles and/or PCs, or what exactly we can expect.

After the original gruesome and hilarious films released back in the 1980s, the Evil Dead enjoyed an actually not-too-shabby reboot back in 2013.

Credit: Lionsgate Television

There was also the wildly successful Ash vs. Evil Dead television series, which despite its popularity, ended up getting cancelled in October of 2018.

With a new game on the way it seems the Evil Dead franchise – much like the Evil Dead themselves – won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema