This New Item In Animal Crossing Will Save You From Wasps

If you find yourself shaking a tree in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and a pesky group of wasps meet your gaze, then you need a pergola to keep you safe.

What’s a pergola I hear you ask? Well I’m glad you did because I hadn’t heard of one until today either. A pergola is typically a wooden structure consisting of multiple vertical posts, usually holding up a sturdy lattice, and normally has vines growing over it. You’ve probably seen one in your local garden centre. But Animal Crossing only recently added pergolas with the latest update. And they seem to be like wasp repellent.

In Animal Crossing, typically when you shake a tree, not much might happen, but occasionally a group of wasps might fall out. There is a trick which basically lets you catch them every time. But if you’re not thinking about it you might act a bit carelessly. A video from Reddit user ladywhoneverknewit shows how the trusty pergola can help you out in a pinch.

The clip shows ladywhoneverknewit coming face to face with a wasp. Immediately they run to the pergola and stands underneath it. And because it counts as an object, it seems like the wasps can’t pass underneath it. So they just buzz around it, flustered by their inability to sting you. Now, if you’ve got your net on you, you can easily catch the blighters without a worry in the world.

It’s another case of Animal Crossing fans being incredibly resourceful, and finding ways to help themselves and others in ways Nintendo likely didn’t account for.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo