Oblivion Speedrunner Beats Game In Two And A Half Minutes

If you’re in the mood for a speedrun but don’t have a lot of time, then this Oblivion speedrun that’s beaten in two and a half minutes is for you (thanks, TheGamer).

Sometimes, you gotta go fast. It’s the nature of the universe. And speedrunner DezmoneSpeedruns has done exactly that with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Dezmone has managed to beat Oblivion in just two and a half minutes, shaving off two seconds from the previous world record.

In reality, the run is technically around four minutes, but for the Any% category loading screens aren’t counted towards the final time.

YouTube video

Most of the run is just going through the tutorial. And we hope you like the sounds of a door opening, because you’ll be hearing that a lot. The entire run relies upon loading glitches involving rapidly saving and loading into the game while opening various doors. In turn, the loading glitches allows Dezmone to get out of bounds, skipping whole sections of the game.

Eventually they trigger Mehrune Dagon’s invasion of the Imperial City, heads back to the prison you start in, skip some dialogue, then head to the end of the game. Simple! Not so much, because it does require incredibly precise menuing.

The Elder Scrolls series tends to have some pretty good speedruns. A speedrunner last year managed to beat Skyrim in under 73 minutes without any glitches. That run also relies on some particular tech involving getting a guard to follow you into some sewers. With games as big as The Elder Scrolls series tend to be, we’ll have no shortage of impressive speedruns.

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Featured Image: Bethesda Game Studios