AC Odyssey’s Controversial DLC Will Be Changed In Next Patch

Spoiler Warning for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey‘s DLC.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey came under fire recently for “forcing players” to follow a heterosexual relationship in the game’s latest DLC.

When it released last year, the title was praised for ‘normalising homosexual relationships’ by allowing players to determine their character’s own sexuality.

Credit: Ubisoft

In the game you can choose to play as either Alexios or Kassandra, and each character can have relationships with basically whoever they want to – a nice touch for an AAA game that the community and fans responded very positively to.

However, the DLC did a sharp 180 on this, as it ends with Alexios/Kassandra beginning a relationship with someone which results in the baby.

Credit: Ubisoft

The internet was not happy about the move. One Redditor/AC fan wrote: “I’m gay and I always like to envision myself as the characters I play, if the game gives you the freedom to shape them.

“So as Alexios I sh*gged the hell out of Alkibiades, but reading this I’m not sure I can bring myself to play the DLC. My Alexios doesn’t want a child :/ Or to have sex with a woman.”

The reactions to the DLC were so strong that the game’s creative director, Jonathan Dumont, issued a statement saying: “Reading through player responses of our new DLC for Legacy of the First Blade, Shadow Heritage, we want to extend an apology to players disappointed by a relationship your character partakes in,

“The intention of this story was to explain how your character’s bloodline has a lasting impact on the Assassins, but looking through your responses it is clear that we missed the mark.”

He confirmed that players won’t have to carry on the relationship in future DLC.

Credit: Ubisoft

It’s now being reported [via Eurogamer] that Ubisoft will alter the ending scenes of the DLC, giving you the option to avoid starting the relationship entirely.

Ubisoft stated: “After hearing player feedback and discussing within the development team we are making changes to a cutscene and some dialogue in Shadow Heritage to better reflect the nature of the relationship for players selecting a non-romantic storyline.
“These changes, along with renaming a trophy/achievement, are being made now and will be implemented in an upcoming patch.
Credit: Ubisoft

“We’ve also been carefully looking at the next episode, Bloodline, to ensure the paths that players experience mirror the choices they make in game.”

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