Dark Souls 3 Has Now Been Beaten Using Morse Code

YouTube video

Twitch streamer Rudeism has managed to beat all of Dark Souls 3 just using morse code. 

The idea is simple: rig up a one button controller where the inputs are determined by morse code. An example of how this works is a dash, or a longer press, results in an attack. Or two dots, or brief presses, makes the character move forward. It’s certainly a complicated system, but one that Rudeism is familiar with.

Rudeism completed the challenge yesterday on October 24, beating all 19 bosses in the base game. He did so in 258,250 button presses, and the DLC is still to come. The challenge is certainly an impressive feat. If you’ve somehow managed to live your life not knowing what Dark Souls is like, it’s a hard game series. Only using morse code magnifies that difficulty by a massive degree. 

However, Rudeism took the opportunity to highlight the importance of accessibility and difficulty options in games, even ones like Dark Souls. Immediately upon beating the final boss, he said “Difficulty options are accessibility options. Every game should have them, including Dark Souls, and beyond. Let’s get some better accessibility in our games ladies and gentlemen, shall we?” 

Hearing this from Rudeism was great. He’s already a popular streamer, and sharing the clip of him beating the final boss using morse code was sure to be popular. While difficulty options and accessibility options aren’t the same thing, hearing a high profile streamer highlight their importance is critical. Beating the game using a one button controller shows that we need versatility not just in software, but hardware too. 

Hopefully challenge runs like this will continue to push developers to consider more ways they can help players finish their games.


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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware