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AEW Game Could Give the Wrestling Genre a Much Needed Shake-Up

Newly formed wrestling promotion and industry phenomenon All Elite Wrestling (AEW) are teasing an AEW Wrestling game announcement for next week.

Revealed on the AEW Games Twitter page, they announced that a reveal will take place next week on Tuesday, November 10th at 11pm UK time/6pm EST/5pm CST.

Fans have dubbed this event as the “AEW Games 1.0 Special Event”.  Hopefully, this gives fans more information about the AEW video game with each Special Event.


It’s been no secret that an AEW video game has been on the cards. This All Elite Wrestling promotion has made waves within the industry since its inception in January 2019.

Wrestling characters on screen
Credit: WWE

The weekly TV show AEW Dynamite is aired in the US on TNT. It is broadcasted in the UK on ITV.

AEW star and the promotion’s Executive Vice President Kenny Omega is a known video game enthusiast. In-fact, he’s a professional Street Fighter player who often enters competitive tournaments when he can.


Omega spoke to GameSpot back in September about the yet to be revealed AEW video game. He told the outlet “I can’t say too much more other than I am working very closely creatively with a team.

Every few weeks, they have very exciting new things to show us.” Said Omega “when I can more, I certainly will. And I’m really excited to show the first little bit of footage that we have.

A screenshot of AEW game
Credit: Spike Chunsoft

What Would The AEW Wrestling Game Mean For Fans?

The AEW promotional has been a breath of fresh air in the world of professional wrestling. With an accompanying video game on the way, it could also be the shake-up that the wrestling video game genre needs.


Many video game enthusiasts and wrestling fans alike have had to make do with the WWE 2K series. After a rough few years, fans are hoping the turbulent time is coming to an end.

AEW try to release a new game every year. Unfortunately, a mainline WWE 2K series was postponed this year. Instead, in September, we got the spin-off WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

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