Alan Wake 2 update hints at possible release date announcement

Alan Wake 2 is now at a “playable from start to finish” stage, according to Remedy in a recent comment.

After the publication of Remedy’s latest financial results, the CEO Tero Virtala revealed that development into Alan Wake 2 is going well:

“Alan Wake 2 is in full production. The game will soon have all content in place, and it is playable from start to finish,” Virtala explained. “We will then move onto polishing the experience. Alan Wake is a unique brand that holds high value for the company today.”

YouTube video

The sequel was originally announced back during the 2021 Game Awards and fans have been excited ever since. This will be a sequel to the 2010 psychological thriller, Alan Wake. The studio also hopes the sequel will be a success after admitting that Alan Wake Remastered, which was released back in October 2021, failed to generate royalties. However, Virtala hopes that the sequel will boost sales:

“Alan Wake Remastered has not yet generated royalties. However, we expect the sales to increase as the release of Alan Wake 2 becomes imminent and fans and new players want to experience the original story on new generation consoles.”

Source: Remedy Games

Biggest project yet

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake also teased that Alan Wake 2 is the studio’s “biggest project yet.” Despite over a ten year gap, the team never lost faith that the series would continue. “I feel like I never left Alan Wake behind,” Lake commented. “There was always the full intention to return to him; there was always more story to tell, and the characters and the setting were too precious to be forgotten.

With the recent update that the game is in a playable state, it hopefully won’t be long before we get a release date. Until then, we hope to see it sometime in 2023. 

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